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Buying your home, whether it's your first or an addition to your investment portfolio, will always be a stressful and huge undertaking... But it doesn't have to be! Benchmark Realtors has a team of buyer specialists waiting to help you make the first step. We've got connections too; we work with the finest vendors in the industry from mortgage professionals to escrow, title, and home inspectors. We don't work with amateurs, and the only way we continue to promote these vendors is by positive client feedback... Which is why we're still using the same ones, year after year. 

More often than not, buyers are confused as to what the first step is. After all, do we look at homes and then go to a bank, or write an offer and look for a bank after... 

Don't worry, we've brought the process down to three simple steps. Follow along below, and we'll handle the rest. 


This step is possibly the most crucial to your financial future than any other. Getting preapproved means you present all of your information to our preferred lender - or yours - and they will evaluate your financial situation to decide a few factors, including your interest rate, maximum purchase amount, and eligibility for different loan programs. 

This is also an important time for you to get involved in making these decisions. Once you're qualified, you'll be able to figure out a rough estimate of your monthly payments, down payment, etc. 

This process takes just a few hours, and can be completed in person (preferred), or via fax/email if you prefer to send in your application and information to the lender directly. 

Items you'll typically provide: Two years of tax returns, several months of pay stubs and bank statements, and preferably a list of your current debts. 

lets talk to a lender and get preapproved!

Ready to buy your home? 

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This is where your HGTV binge pays off, albeit not as "cool" as they seem to show it. We'll start the process out a little something like this... 

1. Initial Consultation. Let's grab coffee and talk about what exactly you're looking for in your home, and also set some expectations of each other, and the process. This is your agent's opportunity to figure out your lifestyle, and discuss your needs and wants with you. 

2. Narrowing It Down. We'll put you on our CloudStreams app, and start sending you listings immediately. Think of it like a Facebook, for homes. You get to see what's out there, and send us the listing with your own message - all from ONE page. We think it's pretty cool, and so do our buyers. 

3. Out and About. Once you've picked some homes you're really into, let's go actually look at them. You can also skip step two and just go to this, but that's completely up to you. Most of the time, you can eliminate most homes off of your list just by looking at them online.

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind. You should NEVER, under any circumstances, settle for a home that you don't like or doesn't fit your needs. We do our best to keep the home buying process as stress-free and pressure free as possible. Having said that, it is important to make a move once you've found the house that you want to call home. We'll gladly show you twenty or thirty homes, but if home number 31 is the one you want, put your cards on the table with your Benchmark agent, and let us to work.

And another thing; we never push our clients. Our job isn't to sell you the home - the home will sell itself. 


You just found your dream home. Omg, you can't stop telling the fam about it, and you're ready to call it yours already

Now, the work begins, and this is where your Benchmark agent truly earns their striped. Step three is usually...

1. Negotiate an Offer. Throw out your price, and wait. Sometimes you'll win on the first shot, other times we have to negotiate a bit. It's all normal and no big deal. 

2. Due Diligence. CONGRATS! You've opened escrow, and now is our time to perform all of our inspections, the appraisal, and the other due diligence associated with your home. The Benchmark Way usually calls for all of this to be done within the first 10-15 days. Trust us, there are legal timeframe in place and we try to reach them - and exceed them - to minimize any chance of anything wrong. 

3. WELCOME HOME. At this point, you've performed all of your inspections and due diligence, your appraisal came in nice and cool with no repairs called out, and you're ready to close escrow. You'll be wiring money into escrow to cover your down payment and closing costs, and within a few days - the home is YOURS. Congratulations, the speed bumps and timeframes have all paid off, and now you can start putting equity in your pocket, instead of someone else's. 

And the best part? It was truly our pleasure watching this process come to fruition. 


"We had been trying to buy a house since June of last year and used two agents that really didn't give time to show us homes or responded our calls. It was a very stressful time for us and I just really wanted to give up. Joe was recommended to us by a friend and since the first phone call he put  us at ease. He was knowledgeable and had patience to answer any question we had. He gave us the time we needed to show us houses and when we finally found the house that we wanted, he negotiated for us and got us assistance for closing costs! He got us the keys to our house in less than a month!! I couldn't believe how easy our process went with him! If you need an agent that will work for you, be there whenever you have a question, have knowledge of real estate, and get you the best deal for the house you want, Joe is the guy for you! I recommend him 100%"