Wake up every morning, and become the change you want to see in your community and the world. 

Take, if you must, only after you've given.


Are You A Benchmark Agent?

It's so easy to fall for the endless promises of free training, full support and "national recognition" that so many companies promise. Cashing in on that promise, however, isn't always so easy. 

Our team has roots in some of the largest real estate systems in the world, and we've even been offered opportunities to franchise those systems. We declined. 

Real estate can seem like a lonely, cold world full of rejection and roadblocks. The winners in this industry don't look to a "name" to save the day, they choose to forge their own path and create a name for themselves. We're along for the ride, and take pride in not only offering 100% TRUE hands-on broker support, but also a diverse online library (that's still growing) of everything from marketing ideas and tips, to operations and procedures. We have a clear vision, and it isn't necessarily to be the biggest in the eyes of the world, but rather to be the best in the eyes of our clients. 

Our culture is focused on honesty, integrity, ethics and growth; not only for our clients, but also ourselves. We are here to serve a bigger purpose - we are here to change lives, and have fun doing it. 

If this sounds like the culture that you'd like to participate in and grow with, then welcome home. 

We are currently seeking real estate professionals throughout Southern California, as well as brokers looking to license a system in their respective area. 

Real Estate Agent Requirements

  • Must be at least 18 years old. 

  • Must possess a valid, unencumbered California Real Estate Salesperson License. 

  • Must be free of any claims through the court system as well as the California Bureau of Real Estate.

  • Must be a member of, or willing to join, either the Citrus Valley Association of Realtors or the High Desert Association of Realtors.

  • Must be familiar with, and able to use a computer for emails, research, document preparation, and communication. 

Real Estate Broker Requirements

  • All of the above, PLUS

  • Must possess a valid, unencumbered California Real Estate Broker's License.

  • Must be willing to carry a minimum of $1M in Errors and Omissions Insurance, as well as any other government required insurance. 

  • Must be willing to assist, mentor and educate the next generation of real estate professionals. 

  • Must be willing to uphold our values and vision beliefs explained throughout our website. 

  • Must always act with the utmost of care and integrity for those who you represent. 




We offer 100% commissions. Our flat fee is $550 per transaction, plus $100 per file for Errors and Omissions insurance. 

We also offer a completely optional transaction coordinator service for $150 per file. 

The rest of your paycheck is yours! That's it! No games, no gimmicks.

Our broker loves two things in particular: real estate and coffee. Which is probably why we don't do stuffy meetings with 20 people in a  room, when it's so much better to sit down one-on-one, over a cup of coffee, and give you the support you need; whether it takes 10 minutes, an hour, or all day. Not a fan of getting out? Don't worry, we have phones - and we actually answer them.



In line with our philosophy on support, training isn't a room full of stuffy suits. We offer one-on-one training, as well as an expanding online archive of training videos that you can watch, in your pajamas on a Saturday morning. (We don't judge.)

You can't pause an office meeting, but you can definitely pause our videos. 


Just how much can you save with Benchmark? 
Let's take a look.

Based on a $300,000 sales price: 3% commission, and a 70/30 Split.

You would have saved $2,789.00!

What can YOU do with $2,789.00?

We don't think that you really need us to tell you, but just in case, here's a few ideas on where you can spend your extra commission!

  • Five months of Zillow ads, at $500/month, and a little leftover for dinner - and maybe a movie. 

  • 2,889 CoreFact Postcards. 

  • About 4,900 postcards or letters if you do it yourself, including about $500 for the letters/envelopes.

  • One heck of a Facebook Ads or Google PPC Advertising Budget. 

  • The average car payment ($300) for nine months.

  • Vacation, anyone? 

It's time for you to stop paying YOUR hard earned money, in exchange for what's left of mediocre leads that nobody else wants. This is YOUR career - Make the most of it!

Agent Benefits

  • Zero monthly or yearly fees. 

  • Zero production minimums.

  • Special Benchmark prices on printing/marketing services. 

  • One-on-one training.

  • Online video training: learn in your pajamas over coffee, instead of a stuffy office meeting.

  • Optional office meetings and strategy sessions. 

  • Internal partnership opportunities. 

  • No forced recruiting/kool aid. 

  • Optional Zillow pools. 

  • Optional round-robin program.nd-


Don't let any broker trick you into thinking that they're interviewing you. Benchmark believes in working WITH our agents. 

Don't worry, your interview is 100% confidential and your current broker (or anyone else) will never know we met. 

Ready to schedule your free, confidential interview? Fill this out, or give us a call at (760)514-2089

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